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Internal Height 791mm / Width 982mm / Depth 470mm

External Height 831mm / Width 1050mm / Depth 506mm


Internal Height 915mm / Width 1050mm / Depth 510mm

External Height 955mm / Width 1118mm / Depth 546mm


Internal Height 1260mm / Width 1050mm / Depth 510mm

External Height 1300mm / Width 1118mm / Depth 546mm


Not all heat pumps were created equal

Outdoor heat-pump units can vary in size depending on the brand and KW rating.

Please refer to our size guide to ensure you select the right screen for your unit.

If you are still unsure, feel free to call us and we can talk you through it.

Not all heat-pumps are installed the same way

If your heat pump has been retrofitted after the house was built, you will more than likely have the pipework running down the exterior wall or coming through the side. This will just mean that your screen will not be able to be flush against the house. However, our screens still look great in these Situations

Keep your Urban Screen clean and it will reward you with years of low maintenance pleasure.

To ensure the maximum lifetime of your screen and great airflow for your heat pump, keep leaves and long grass away from the screen.

If you live beachfront or coastal and get sea salt spray, simply use a dilute solution of sugar soap and warm water and brush your screen down to remove the build-up.

All the screws and hinges are marine grade stainless steel so will not rust.

When designing our Urban Screens, we wanted something that was easy to install so that everyone and anyone would be able to put one together.

Our screens are very easy to put together, trust me they are not those flat packs with A-Z steps, 50 screws and an instruction manual the size of a dictionary!!


Simply take the screen out of the box, fold out the side panels, place the screen around your unit and pop the top on. We have also provided stainless steel screws if you do wish to screw the top down. Easy!